(A fourth) Inform Direct product update – May 2023

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This is our fourth product release this month.  It builds on the first release this month which allowed users to merge shareholders, officers and PSCs for companies limited by shares.  We have now extended this to companies limited by guarantee and limited liability partnerships (LLPs).

This means that for companies limited by guarantee you can merge together:

  • two member records;
  • a PSC with a member;
  • a director with a PSC;
  • a director and PSC with a member;
  • a director with a company secretary;
  • a director, PSC and member with another member
  • a director and secretary with a PSC and member.

And for LLPs you can merge together an LLP member with a PSC.

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Companies limited by guarantee

The information held by Inform Direct for a company will be based on that held at Companies House when the company was first imported.

Companies House do not hold any information on the members of companies limited by guarantee. This means that no details of the members of such companies will be brought in when the company is imported into Inform Direct.

The details of such members either has to be entered one by one or by using our bulk member upload process.  This can mean that separate records end up in Inform Direct for the same person.

The merge persons process gives users the ability to merge the two records together so that only one record for the same person needs to be maintained.

LBG merge person

In addition, the information held by Companies House can be inconsistent for the same person, especially where the person has been notified to Companies House at different times and / or by different people.

LLP merge person

This can now be easily corrected using the merge person process.

You can, therefore, ensure that you have just one record in Inform Direct for a person linked to each company however many different roles they have for that company.  This is now for all types of company, whether they are:

  • PLCs;
  • Private companies limited by shares;
  • Private companies limited by guarantee;
  • LLPs; or
  • Unlimited companies with shares.

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