(Another) Inform Direct product update – November 2023

Our recent updates to:

have been well taken up – which is always great to see.

This second November update will let you update multiple address records – within and across companies – all in one easy process!

This has been a much requested feature that we are pleased to be adding for all of our subscribers.

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Updating addresses in bulk is just one of many benefits of an Inform Direct subscription.

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Bulk address changes – How does it work?

When you change any of the following types of address, you will now be presented with some additional steps if there are other addresses found on your account that are also likely to need the same change:

  • Registered office address
  • SAIL address
  • Officer service address
  • PSC service address
  • Corporate service address
  • Residential address
  • Shareholder contact address
  • Member contact address


Found other addresses

You will then be able to review the records and select the ones you want to update – which may be all of them.

Selected same addresses

If there are any other addresses that are similar, but not quite the same (e.g. 22 Smith Street vs 22 Smith St.), that might need changing you will then be presented with those. This is to help spot some addresses that have not been entered in the same way historically.

These will be presented in the same way where you are able to review and select those that you would like to update.

Saving for approval and sending changes to Companies House

Once you have selected all the addresses that you would like to update you can either:

  • Send these to Companies House to be updated now, all in one go; or,
  • Save them all for approval; or,
  • Send some to Companies House now and save some for approval.
Approval needed?

You will be able to generate the board minutes and resolutions for the changes with any of these options. Any changes saved for approval will generate the appropriate summary documents that you can use to get approval.

If saved for approval you can then continue the approval and send all or just some of the address changes to Companies House. Any not sent will be saved (again) in an approval to be submitted later.

Sending to Companies House

Everyday use and larger scale use

This is for both day to day use where a person or company changes address (e.g. residential address change of a director) and that address is on multiple companies, but also on those larger less frequent changes where the registered office address of a set of companies all change at the same time (usually with a load of service addresses too).

Please let us know your feedback

Many of you have asked for this feature so please do let us know if you like it, along with any other improvement or feature recommendations that you have for Inform Direct.

Our commitment to improving Inform Direct can be seen in our timeline of updates, which includes our recent (and upcoming) updates.

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