(Another) Inform Direct product update – January 2024

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This month we’ve already released an update to the confirmation statement automation functionality.

That update enabled you to create your own emails to accompany the confirmation station approval document.

This release contains a collection of smaller improvements to various areas throughout Inform Direct. One of which has been requested by many Inform Direct users, so we know you’ll find it useful.


Do you form companies?

Inform Direct makes it easy by producing all the documents you need as part of the process.

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Navigation by clicking on the left column in a grid

Many of you have asked for navigation around Inform Direct to be achievable by clicking on a company’s name or person’s name, etc. and not just the ‘view’ icon in a grid. Thank you to those of you who provided this feedback and I’m pleased that we’ve included this functionality in this release.

In each grid throughout Inform Direct (where you are able to view lower level detail of the grid item) you can click on the data in the initial column to view it. For example you can now click:

  • The company name in the portfolio screen to view the company
  • A person’s name in the Officers, Shareholders and PSCs grids to view the details of that person
  • And more …
Image of portfolio clickable column

Other improvements

We’ve started the process of enhancing the accounts dates information we receive from Companies House that we will be:

  • Using in upcoming developments, and
  • Using to enhance existing system features.

There are also some other enhancements that can be categorised as:

  • Improvements to various validations to further help you avoid Companies House rejections
  • Clarifications to the wording of some validation messages to help you resolve them
  • Company dashboard notification improvements (for a few specific notifications).

Please let us know your feedback

If there are small things, like those in this release, that would make Inform Direct even better for you then please let us know. Similarly if there are feature recommendations that you have for Inform Direct, then let us know about those too.

We are proud of our timeline of updates, which is a great record of our commitment to improving Inform Direct, past, present and future.

There are many benefits to subscribing

Confirmation statement automation is exclusive to subscribers of the software. This is just one of many benefits of an Inform Direct subscription.

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