(Another) Inform Direct product update – April 2024

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The latest update this month enables users to effortlessly access and search a company’s filing history directly within Inform Direct. This integration streamlines company secretarial tasks, eliminating the need to switch between different software platforms. Below, you will find a glimpse of the feature’s core functionality and the simplicity it brings to viewing a company’s filing history.



  • View a full list of filing without the need to page
  • Text search by name or description of the document
  • Search by type and date
  • View and download filings

There are many benefits to subscribing

Viewing company`s filing history is just one reason to subscribers of the software. This is just one of many benefits of an Inform Direct subscription.

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1 View a company's filing history

Now you have the ability to easily access a company’s filing history, with up to 500 entries displayed per page, making it simpler for you to find the information you need.


2 Search a company’s filing history

Finding filing history is now easier than ever. You can not only search by type, but also perform text searches on both type and description, as well as conduct date searches to quickly locate the filings you require.



3 Download and view filings

You can now view and download a filing within the Inform Direct.

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Inform Direct allows you to easily manage the company secretarial work for all of your clients with simple step by step processes and guides to help you.

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