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To be able to file company secretarial filings with Companies House electronically (such as confirmation statements, officer appointments and changes etc.), any software must first be tested and authorised by Companies House.

Inform Direct was authorised by Companies House in 2012.

Since 2012 we’ve imported the details of over 300,000 companies and sent over 1.5 million submissions.

This is why we are such a trusted name for company secretarial software.

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What does ‘Companies House authorised’ really mean?

It means that:

  • Companies House have checked that we are able to receive data from, and submit filings to, Companies House successfully
  • They recognise us as a company secretarial software provider and are therefore happy that we require you to enter your company’s authentication code to:
    • Import a company’s data
    • Send filings for a company when you make a submission from within the software

Inform Direct is listed on Companies House’s website as authorised software for both company secretarial software and accounts submissions.

Companies House Approved Software

How did we become Companies House authorised?

To become Companies House authorised we worked with Companies House to build our software to communicate with their gateway. We then had to send many submissions to them in a test environment. Companies House then checked these messages were correct, and once they were satisfied that we were able to communicate with them in a live environment successfully, they authorised our software for use.

Since then we have been continually in communication with Companies House to update our software as they make changes to theirs. This is sometimes through improvements to how submissions have to be made to them, but also sometimes through legislation changes (PSC regime, when the UK left the European Union etc).

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