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To help companies deal with the impact that the coronavirus – Covid-19 is having on their companies, the UK government and Companies House have announced that companies will be allowed a 3 month extension to file their company’s accounts.

This extension only applies to accounts and not currently to confirmation statements.

Companies will not get this extension by default and you must apply for the extension before the current filing deadline.

Also be aware that companies may be ineligible for the extension if they have already done either of the following for this accounting period:

  • extended their filing deadline, or;
  • shortened their accounting period

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However, there appears to be nothing to stop such companies from applying, so it appears that approving an extension for such a company will be at Companies House’s discretion.

If you have missed the deadline you can appeal, but appeals will be reviewed on a case by case basis and the Registrar cannot guarantee all appeals will be upheld.

What you’ll need

To apply for the extension you will need:

  • An email address to create account with Companies House, or the email address and password of your existing account
  • The 8 digit company registration number for the company whose deadline you wish to extend

What you need to do

Once you have the above information to hand follow these steps:

  • Go to the ‘Apply to extend your accounts filing deadline‘ page of the Companies House website
  • Start the process and either sign in, or create an account
  • Enter the company’s 8 digit company number and confirm the returned company details are correct
  • Select the reason ‘Covid-19’ and complete the remaining steps as required

Your extension will then be automatically agreed, and extended immediately.



Don’t know your company number?

We have an in depth article that will tell you what it is and where to find it but here are a few places you might find it:

  • On your company’s incorporation documents
  • By searching the Companies House company register
  • In your company’s email footer

What else are they government doing?

The government is also reviewing companies requirements for holding Annual General Meetings (AGMs) as these also are likely to be impacted by Covid-19. We’ll update information on our website when we know more.

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