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Once your company has been incorporated, you should hold a board meeting with the directors of the new limited company. It’s  best to do this within a month of the formation of the company. As with all board meetings, you’ll need to produce minutes of the first directors’ meeting so we’ve created a handy free template set of minutes that you can download, amend and use for your company.

As well as going through necessary formalities related to the formation of the company, the first directors’ meeting allows the directors to discuss the new business, its aims and how it will operate, in the context of its constitution –  the Memorandum and Articles of Association. While there’ll be some similarities, the matters discussed at the first board meeting will differ between different companies.

Matters that are commonly dealt with in the first board meeting include:

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  • Appointment of a chairperson
  • Details of the formation of the company, the registered office and initial directors
  • Disclosure by the directors of any interest in contracts of the company
  • Appointment of the company’s auditors
  • Appointment of the company’s bankers
  • Deciding on the company’s accounting reference date
  • Details of the company’s initial share capital and the register of members
  • Details of the company’s persons of significant control
  • HMRC registration for VAT, payroll etc.
  • Other items of pressing interest to the company
  • Arrangements for the next board meeting

It’s a legal requirement to record who is present and what is discussed in the meeting. Once formally written up, this record will become the minutes of the first directors’ meeting. We’ve produced some free template minutes for the first directors’ meeting. Although you’ll need to tailor our initial meeting minute template to match the contents of your first board meeting, you’ll get a good idea of the type of things that need to be included in the minutes.

Our free template first board meeting minutes may be useful to download and adapt.


First board meeting minutes

A copy of the minutes should be circulated to each of the directors, whether or not they were present at the meeting. Depending on exactly what is discussed, there may also be documents that need to be filed with Companies House.

A copy of the minutes of the first directors’ meeting (as well as minutes of all future board meetings) should then be filed away for safekeeping. They must be available for inspection at the company’s registered office (or a single alternative inspection location, if one has been selected).

Going forward, you’ll also need to make arrangements for regular meetings of the directors and for written minutes to be produced for each meeting that takes place.

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