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Directors, like other people, will often move address.  When a director moves home it is important that the director’s change of address is reported to both the company and then by the company to Companies House. This is the same for certain other director changes.  Director address changes should then be reflected in the company’s register of directors’ usual residential addresses and the other changes in the register of directors.

Although companies are aware of the need to file director appointments and terminations, informing Companies House when a director’s details change is overlooked. Specifically, the following director changes need to be submitted to Companies House:

  • the director’s name;
  • the director’s usual residential address;
  • the director’s nationality;
  • the director’s country of residence;
  • the director’s business occupation;
  • whether an individual director has applied for or already been granted an exemption from disclosing their residential address to credit agencies under section 243 of the Companies Act 2006;
  • the director’s service address – i.e. the address available to the public for contacting the director. We looked at one reason why we’ve seen a lot of directors changing their service address in our Five small steps to healthy company records article.

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For corporate directors the following changes should be notified to both the company and Companies House:

  • the corporate officer’s registered office or principal office address, which is a corporate officer’s service address;
  • a corporate director’s country of registration;
  • a corporate director’s company registration number;
  • a non-UK registered company corporate director’s legal form or governing law.

Form CH01 for individual directors and form CH02 for corporate directors should be used when informing Companies House of these changes.

Similarly changes to the LLP members of limited liability partnerships need to be reported to Companies House using forms LLCH01 or LLCH02 as applicable.  The LLP member changes to report are the same as for directors other than reporting any change in the status of the LLP member and not reporting any changes in nationality of individual LLP members.

All changes to the above personal details of directors and LLP members, as for appointments and cessations, should be reported to Companies House within 14 days of the changes.

Where a company also has a secretary the following changes to your company secretary also need to be reported to Companies House:

  • individual corporate secretary’s name
  • individual corporate secretary’s service address;
  • corporate corporate secretary’s name;
  • corporate corporate secretary’s registered office or principal office address;
  • a corporate corporate secretary’s country of registration;
  • a corporate corporate secretary’s company registration number;
  • a non-UK registered corporate secretary’s legal form or governing law.

Forms CH03 and CH04 should be used to report changes individual and corporate company secretaries respectively to Companies House.  As for directors these should be filed within 14 days of the changes.

As mentioned earlier, the company’s statutory registers should be updated with these changes – particularly the register of directors, register of directors’ usual residential addresses, register of LLP members, register of LLP members’ usual residential addresses and register of secretaries. If the person is also a shareholder and the person’s name or address has changed the register of members will also need to be updated. Revised share certificates reflecting such a change may also need to be issued to the shareholder.

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An earlier version of this article was published on 7 May 2013.


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