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Companies House fees from 1 May 2024

Companies House fees

Companies House fees increase from 1 May 2024. This is a full list of the updated fees for companies, LLP and other entities.

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SIC codes list

SIC Codes

Companies need to submit up to 4 SIC codes to Companies House from a prescribed list to describe what they do. This is the full up to date list of codes from which a company can choose.

Trademark classes

Form of proxy

When registering a trademark businesses need to select the class or classes of business that the trademark relates to.

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Form of proxy

Form of proxy

Once downloaded you will need to amend, add and delete resolutions as necessary.

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Non-disclosure agreement

non-disclosure agreement NDA template

A comprehensive non-disclosure agreement (NDA) template drafted by our specialist company lawyer.

This download is associated with What is a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and do I need one?

2024 Review
of UK Company Formations

Read our comprehensive review of UK company formations in 2023, year-on-year growth rates and breakdown by county. This detailed insight is provided in the form of easy to understand infographics available for sharing through social media and on your own website