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Nottinghamshire sees big increase in company startups in 2018

Nottinghamshire experienced a significant uptick in company startups in 2018, as 7,429 companies were set up in the year. That compares with 6,937 companies registered in 2017, and brings the total number based in the county to 50,491 at the close of 2018.

All around the county, there were positive business news stories. Nottingham itself saw 3,087 new companies established, with 821 in Rushcliffe, 640 in Gedling, 628 in Mansfield, 624 in Bassetlaw and 585 in Broxtowe.

We have further breakdown of the when, where and how of new company startups in Nottinghamshire in our interactive infographic below. It also includes an examination of the county’s performance in starting new companies compared to nearby counties and the rest of the UK.

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