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Concern in business community as company formation in Northamptonshire stalls

There was some concern about the entrepreneurial performance of Northamptonshire, as the number of companies started there fell on an annual basis. The 7,630 companies formed in the county in 2018 compared to 9,958 in 2017. With a number of existing companies also moving out of Northamptonshire, the total population of companies decreased from 46,778 at the close of 2017 to 44,212 at the end of 2018.

In Northampton itself, 2,784 companies were opened in 2018. There were 1,119 companies created in Wellingborough, 1,033 in Corby, 716 in South Northamptonshire, 671 in Kettering and 669 in Daventry.

Our infographic below breaks down Northamptonshire company formation activity in 2018, comparing it both to previous years and other English counties. You can drill down to explore the performance of individual districts and even wards within the county.

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