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Surge in new company registration in Hampshire in 2018

Hampshire witnessed strong growth in business startup activity in 2018, with an increase in the number of people making the step to register a company. There were 14,224 companies registered in Hampshire in the year, compared with 13,642 in 2017.

The trend to register a company in Hampshire was seen throughout the county. 1,988 companies were registered in Southampton, 1,812 in Portsmouth, 1,386 in Winchester, 1,210 in the New Forest, 1,206 in Basingstoke and Dean and 1,149 in East Hampshire.

Our infographic below breaks down company registration in Hampshire in 2018, comparing it both to previous years and other areas of the country. As well as providing a summary for the county as a whole, you can investigate the performance of different districts and even individual wards.

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