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In January we published our comprehensive review of UK company formations in 2015 which has subsequently attracted widespread interest leading to significant press and online coverage throughout the UK.

The review provides a detailed insight into new company formations registered at Companies House throughout 2015, with year-on-year growth rates and breakdown for England, Wales, ScotlandNorthern Ireland and all English counties. Uniquely our review data also includes analysis of dissolved companies – so we can build a true picture of growth in the total number of companies by constituent country and county.

A record year for UK company formations

612,565 new companies were formed in 2015 (a 4.4% rise in formations compared to 2014). Taking into account companies that were dissolved during the year, the total number of companies on the official register stood at a record high 3,760,093.

A stunning visual presentation

With such a breadth and depth of data to report, our review is presented in the form of 50 infographics – covering the UK overview, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and each English county.

Each county infographic contains:

  • analysis by district / borough
  • breakdown by ward
  • month by month analysis
  • formation county league tables
  • neighbouring counties comparison
  • companies by population analysis
  • 5 year growth rates

Where does the data come from and what’s included?

Companies House maintains the UK register of companies. Any company that is formed or dissolved is added or removed from the official register by Companies House.

96% of companies formed in 2015 were private companies limited by shares (Ltd or Limited). Sole trader businesses are not contained within the Companies House register.

We use the official register as our primary data source. In order to provide a breakdown by constituent country and county we cross reference the Companies House data to the postcode, district, ward and constituency data provided by the Office for National Statistics (the ONSPD).

Do you charge for access to the company formation review?

No. The infographics are available for free and can be easily shared on social networks and included in your own website using the embed code provided below each infographic.


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