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Consent to Act as officer template

Consent to Act for officer

Companies should document that a new director or secretary has consented to act.

This template can be amended to record the consent to act of a new individual director or secretary appointment.

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Consent to Act as corporate officer template

Corporate officer consent to act

When a corporate officer is appointed to a company, there should be evidence that the new corporate director or secretary has consented to act.

This template can be used to record the consent to act when appointing a new corporate director or director.

Board minute resolving to furlough a director / directors

Board minute to furlough director

Under the coronovirus job retention scheme, it is possible for a director of a company to be furloughed, although this decision should be formally considered and recorded.

This template can be used to minute the decision taken via a board meeting to furlough one or more directors of the company.

Furlough notice and reply

Furlough notice and reply

If a director or other employee is furloughed under the coronavirus job retention scheme, the company must give them notice, with employee's consent obtained for the amendment to their terms and conditions of employment

This template can be adapted by companies to issue the required notice to employees. It also includes a template reply from the employee to make the process of gaining consent easier.

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