9,591 companies formed

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Growth slows in Buckinghamshire in 2023 but still a record year for company formations

After strong growth of 5.6% in the number of companies in 2022, Buckinghamshire only just pipped its record by the narrowest margin in 2023 – there were 78,850 companies at the end of 2022 and 78,961 at the end of 2023, representing a growth of 0.1%. Buckinghamshire lagged slightly behind the national average in formations per 1,000 head of population, with 12.7 against the national average of 14.2.

Buckinghamshire came 13th of all English counties for company formations, with an impressive 9,591 new companies formed in 2023. 7,897 companies were dissolved, which is a healthy formations to dissolutions ratio considering that in 2019 dissolutions outstripped formations.

Our infographic of 2023 company incorporation activity in Buckinghamshire gives further details about companies formed in the county during the year and how it compares with the performance of other counties in England.

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