1,421 companies formed

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Company formation activity in Northumberland lethargic as county sits in bottom 3 on company formation league table.

Whilst lethargic, growth in Northumberland has continued along a steady, linear path for the last 5 years with 1,421 companies being formed in 2021. If we couple this with 1,193 companies in the county being dissolved – 36.81% higher than the preceding year – this then amounts to an overall growth of 2.8% vs 2020. This is relatively low when considering the UK growth rate of 3.5% and is a contribution to Northumberland sitting at position 45 (of 47) in the company formation league table.

Take a look at our infographic which examines company start-up activity in Northumberland in 2021. As well as summarising the area, our analysis breaks down performance by borough and even looks at individual wards.

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