269,246 companies formed

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London maintains poll position against the rest of the UK for new company formations in 2021.

An impressive 269,246 new companies were formed in London during 2021 – this is over 600% more than the West Midlands which sits in position 2 below London on the company formation league table. It is therefore unsurprising that the capital boasted 170.3 companies per 1000 people by the end of the year.

This may seem like a disproportionate number of new company incorporations however when considering the fact that 187,697 businesses closed down in London during the year, this balances out to a modest growth rate of 4.4%. This is of course above the UK national growth rate of 3.5% however this is somewhat anticipated giving it is the capital county where we would generally expect to see influential numbers.

Take a look at our infographic which examines company start-up activity in London in 2021. As well as summarising the area, our analysis breaks down performance by borough and even looks at individual wards.

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