9,685 companies formed

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Company formation activity in Leicestershire for 2021 cannot compete with the impressive growth shown in 2020.

The number of companies closing down in Leicestershire during 2021 actually exceeded the number of new companies formed by 6.89% at 10,452 and 9,685 respectively. This means that company growth in Leicestershire all but hit a standstill causing the county to drop down from 11th position in company formation league table to 14th for 2021.

With an annual growth of just 0.6% this is a far cry from the impressive growth shown in 2020 and unsurprisingly significantly below the national growth rate of 3.5% – perhaps indicative of the toll of another lockdown year.

Take a look at our infographic which examines company start-up activity in Leicestershire in 2021. As well as summarising the area, our analysis breaks down performance by borough and even looks at individual wards.

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