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Company formations in Greater Manchester hit an all-time high in 2021

Continued business optimism saw a marked expansion in the total number of companies registered in Greater Manchester with 217,557 businesses based in the area by the end of 2021. This represented annual growth of 4.6%, an impressive achievement when compared to the average growth rate returned by the UK as a whole of 3.5%. Nor is this an isolated accomplishment. The number of companies registered in Greater Manchester has increased by 23% over the last 5 years, again outperforming national growth of 21.5% over the same period.

This first-class performance meant that Greater Manchester achieved third place in the 2021 league table of counties in England where most companies are formed. The county was only 43 company formations behind the West Midlands who retained second place.

Take a look at our infographic which examines company startup activity in Greater Manchester in 2021. As well as summarising the area as a whole, our analysis breaks down performance by borough and even looks at individual wards.

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