5,065 companies formed

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Durham exhibits healthy signs of business confidence in 2021

There were strong indicators of business confidence in Durham in 2021 with the bold company startup activity of the previous year repeated. 5,065 new companies were created in 2021, comparable to the 5,083 formed a year earlier. This resulted in year on year growth in the total number of companies based in the county of 5.2%, meaning that Durham significantly outperformed the UK average growth rate of 3.5%.

With 33,620 businesses registered in Durham at the close of 2021 the county has achieved five-year growth in the number of companies of 26.6%, just slightly above the UK average of 26.3%. However, when these figures are adjusted for population Durham falls behind the UK average, with just 37.3 companies per 1,000 people compared to the national average of 79.1.

Our interactive infographic, below, compares Durham’s performance in setting up new companies with that of other areas of the UK.

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