7,476 companies formed

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Buoyant company registrations in Cambridgeshire underpin continued growth

2021 saw 7,476 new companies registered in Cambridgeshire, down just 0.005% on the all-time high achieved the previous year. Whilst tough trading conditions meant a record number of existing businesses also closed down, the overall result was positive and the total number of companies based in Cambridgeshire grew by 3.4% during 2021, broadly in line with the UK average.

This continued positive performance saw the total number of businesses registered in Cambridgeshire expand from 46,059 in 2017 to 56,346 in 2021, a rise of 22.3% over a five year term.

Refer to our infographic below for the detailed story behind company formations in Cambridgeshire, including a full breakdown of where, when and the types of companies formed.

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