3,749 companies formed

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Record number of companies located in the East Riding of Yorkshire in 2021

With 3,749 new companies formed in the East Riding of Yorkshire during 2021, the total company population in the county rose to a record 27,909 by the end of the year. However, the five-year growth in total number of businesses was only 9.1%, meaning that over the medium term the region has very much underperformed the UK average growth rate of 26.3%.

1,681 of the new companies set up in 2021 were created in Kingston upon Hull, with the rest being registered elsewhere in the East Riding.

Our infographic reviews company registration activity in the East Riding of Yorkshire in 2021, comparing it both to previous years and to other parts of the UK. As well as summarising the area as a whole, you can explore the performance of different boroughs and even individual wards.

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